Managed Services & Outsourcing


In an effort to better manage costs while gaining a higher level of service many organizations have looked to SaaS solutions. IT providers are currently moving towards more customized, managed services offerings rather than providing off-the-shelf- solutions. A Managed Services provider manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to its clients either proactively or as determines that services are needed.


Metanoia leadership in this onsite and remote blended model consistently meets the needs of our clients in both the IT and Business arenas. The one to many model allows for our clients to maintain a single point of contact, complete with backup contacts and escalation paths for unanticipated situations.

The services often come with level of service subscription services. Metanoia excels in providing a one to many model where ownership of the communication process and often the project Quality Control processes are managed and delivered to improve the quality of the deliverables.