About Us



In Greek Metanoia is a word that means change. Positive Change. Enhanced change. Ours is a company with a diverse set of services and products each designed to enhance our client technology environments.

The Metanoia experience

Our firm has a core of more than one hundred individuals around the world who bring a richness of experience to every client engagement. Though we have different business units, our capabilities include our ability to avoid costly errors and to take advantage of client successes by blending the knowledge and wisdom of our collective group. We encourage collaboration.
Our footprint is currently on two continents. Metanoia maintains a presence both in North America and in India.

Metanoia Model

Different companies believe they have a model which is structured for customer success. Then they fail in the eyes of their customers. Striving for maximum client satisfaction Metanoia has a proven business model which consistently delivers satisfaction to our customers. We keep life simple.

In the past customers in North America have had difficulties with deliverables being designed, developed, and supported from India. Metanoia has solved those issues. We believe in two simple principles and we incorporated these principles into our model for success. Those principles include:


Lack of communication between the users through company It, to the vendor in India leads to miscommunication and finger pointing. Ultimately work done must be redone, and sometimes repeat work drives up costs.

Metanoia often takes ownership of the communication process. No more finger pointing. No more confusion. Reduction of mistakes because of poor communication. Customer satisfaction rises. Cost savings are realized. Delivery on time.

We believe that without a good communication process (in English and in the Indian language, both) the likelihood of failure goes up exponentially. Metanoia has identified and fixed that issue. Without a good communication process there usually is no Quality Control. That too is a problem.


Quality Control

The frequent lack of communication, and errors in understanding the real wishes of the users (often times the customers of our client IT group) devastates the Quality Control processes in place. This too leads to frustrated clients with poor satisfaction levels. Compliance issues, policy issues, and standards are often abused causing repeated actions and general cost control challenges.

Metanoia believes that our clients deserve better. This has become a founding principle of our Metanoia senior management team.

One last point….

Metanoia understands the business challenges of today’s global economy. With an eye toward those challenges we have deployed a business model to simplify the support our clients need to secure their own competitive advantage.

Metanoia has several functional business units. Our firm has the senior strategists, architects, and designers for key core areas. Our delivery groups (there are several) are both product (Metanoia Solar Framework for agile application development) and service (the development, deployment and testing business units) related.

Our firm has a support unit too. This is a subscription service business unit where Metanoia supplements your infrastructure team with System administrators, DBA’s and other support service personnel.

Metanoia embraces the needs of our clients. This is rarely delivered on a consistent basis. This is the difference at Metanoia. Embrace our vision. Metanoia.