Paperless Automated Logistics System

PALS is an excellent example of a series of Applications designed and built
for deployment on the Metanoia SOLAR Framework. Created to be a tool to
facilitate the Logistics and Transportation interaction between the shippers
and customers for a large Logistics firm.

The PALS series of APPS incorporated mobile devices and tablets to record,
provide real time GPS locations of inventory, and through dashboards
provide for real time expedition by management of critical unforeseen
bottlenecks which traditionally detained delivery.

Additionally, the apps comprising PALS technology improved the
transparency of the data vastly improving the transparency of the
information increasing customer satisfaction exponentially. The
uninterrupted service and real time access to load and trip status gave our
Metanoia client a large competitive edge.

The agility of the SOLAR Framework has enabled our client to add
functionality to the PALS System as the customers adjusted to the new