Solar Framework


The Metanoia SOLAR Framework

Metanoia Software Solutions is built on the premise that technology, when properly applied and led, can deliver innovative solutions that transform businesses, enrich the products we use daily and improve the quality of our lives. This drive to innovate and to provide client based customized solutions led Metanoia to design and create The SOLAR Framework from which our teams have designed and delivered customized solutions that achieves business transformation.

SOLAR is an integrated field mobility solution can completely do away with paperwork, improve service levels and increase revenues. Accomplish more everyday with fewer burdens to your resources.

Take advantage of Metanoia SOLAR Framework


SOLAR is a Framework designed to take advantage of data to improve competitive advantage by increasing productivity while reducing operational costs.

A key aspect of SOLAR binds diverse applications through a common framework addressing the need of business to access data in the field often for the direct interaction with their customers. Field mobility can mean several things depending on the type of business you are talking to. The term often encompasses applications like field service, repairs, sales, delivery and inspections. While businesses have been able to accomplish these tasks with paper based systems in the past, the proliferation of mobile computing devices has opened opportunities to improve existing processes and offer newer services that were not possible with static systems. SOLAR enables you to take the customer experience to the next level.

SOLAR adds value by providing each field worker with a mobile computing device running appropriate software to access everything from customer data, invoices, service logs, manuals, maps for their daily travel route and even conduct sales. The advances in mobile computing offer the ability to stay linked to your resources at all times with Wi-Fi, WAN (cellular) and GPS connectivity. With a hand held mobile computer you can empower your workforce to accomplish any task in the field with real-time visibility back to your office.

SOLAR takes advantage of the full range of possible field applications where there is a variety of software that can be used to support workers. Many times the software application you utilize will be fairly customizable as each business has its unique process and requirements. SOLAR ties the infrastructure components to enable success.

Empowering your workforce with the tools they need to succeed in the field has become a best practice for businesses of all sizes. The Metanoia SOLAR Framework is the enabler for a variety of customized App solutions, and Application access for a variety of business resources.

SOLAR is a platform framework which takes advantage of customer data,
with the capability to integrate management software on handheld computers. Our Metanoia clients have been enabled to fully mobilize their workforce to maximize information flow and productivity.